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The Planning Committee is chaired by the Vice President and Co-chaired by a member of the Alumni Association. The duties and functions of the planning committee are to design plans that will reap financial benefits for the Alumni Association, and set the conditions and amounts of expenditures for use by the committee to carryout those plans and to also make the necessary recommendations to the association for further approval. The Planning committee may originate a need for special projects within the organization’s scope of authority in order to raise funds for the benefit of the Association. Prior to committing the Organization resources for the workload to such project, the Committee may request the association to endorse the project and assign it to the Committee responsible or other appropriate body. The President will also serve as an advisor to the committee. Other members of the association can serve on this committee.

The Program Committee shall be responsible for planning and coordinating the Annual Convention of the Alumni Association as well as securing the financial budgeting of this convention and other programs. It is also responsible for planning and coordinating all other program activities for the convention; such as but not limited to the sporting events, other programs alongside the annual convention; fund raising receptions, and awards banquets (food). The Vice President will serve as an Advisor to this committee. Other members of the association can serve on this committee.

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for soliciting new Association memberships, provide the Association members with an updated membership list on an annual basis and to solicit, on an annual basis, the needs of the membership and to act on these needs. Other members of the association can serve on this committee.

This committee shall be responsible for reviewing the Association's By-Laws on an annual basis, to rewrite these by-laws as needed to meet the current direction and needs of the Association and to submit these revisions to the membership for approval. Other members of the association can serve on this committee. Other members of the association can serve on this committee.

This committee which is chaired by the General Secretary and Co-chaired by the Assistant Secretary will document all meetings and the annual convention meeting as well as Board meetings throughout the year. It is responsible to furnish photographs and information to any organization and/or the public regarding the activities of the Association when deem necessary (and approved by the President) for the benefit of the Association. It will also activate an electronic bulletin board (for example, the website) for use in communication, items of interest to the membership, such as news, alerts, updates and other important postings. The committee will document publications of annual meeting, regional seminars, and other activities of the Association. Additionally the Publicity committee will coordinate notification of meeting notices as well as calendar of events to all membership.

The duties of the Ways and Means committees are to write, recommend and submit proposals to the body lucrative programs that will generate funds for the benefit of the association and its membership. It is also to seek in-kind donations of items usable for A.M.E. Zion Academy Institutional Alumni Association and search for other forms of funding for the association. The president also serves as an Advisor to this committee. Other members of the association can serve on this committee.

Oversee the day-to-day activities of your chapter of the Zion Alumni Association which includes but not limited to calling of regular meetings.  Representing the Zion Alumni Association at special events and functions as agreed to by the Chief Executive Officer, the President.  Assigning committees of your chapter to undertake special tasks, appoint any special officers, and standing committees.  Appoint replacement officers to fill unexpired terms in case of resignation, death or disability.  The will work closely with the President on matters of the objectives of the association.

Regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings. Make serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.  Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.  Stay informed about committee matters, prepare yourself well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.  Get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.  Be an active participant in the committee's annual evaluation and planning efforts.  Participates in fund raising for the organization

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